Friday, September 12, 2008

Hot For The Holidays - week 1

Hot for the Holidays

So, I have a step son getting married on November 14th. Weddings mean pictures and pictures mean no hiding the extra weight. So, I joined the "Hot For The Holidays" party at Baby Tea Leaves. Every Friday we will weigh in as a group and give our results for the week. Join us if you would like. OR, just keep me accountable!!

If you come here on a Friday and do not see a post - call me on it. If you come here and see that I have lost weight - whoop it up for me!!! And if you come here and see that I have gained weight - encourage me, admonish me, yell at me, tell me to get off my hiney and MOVE!!! Whatever, just keep me accountable. PLEASE!

OK, here we are at the end of week one. I did fairly well all week ... except Wednesday. Wednesday was a DISASTER! I was gonna eat some raw veggies. Then I saw the sour cream and onion dip and figured it couldn't hurt. Then I noticed that Hubby had been eating the dip with Doritos. Hmmm, that sounds interesting ...

Half a bag of Doritos later, I was horrified with myself and thought that I had blown it. So, when Hattie asked for the last piece of birthday cake, I joined her with ice cream. Then, I figured I needed to eat SOMETHING healthy, so I had a cheese quesadilla. Then a big fat cheeseburger for dinner and MORE ice cream for dessert - because by then I had given up for the day - rounded it all off. UGH!

However, I bounced back on Thursday and finished strong. And somehow, by the Grace of God alone, I ended up losing for the week. And, I think, losing BIG!!

Grand total for the week ... 2.4 pounds down!!!!!!


5 of ya left some love:

Kelli said...

Um, wow. Almost 2 and a half pounds- that's great!

I really should join your group but I'm not at all brave enough to post my weight loss attempts on my blog.

Christie O. said...

hilarious!! that all sounds very good. well i guess you proved my point that you can still have one of those days and come out the other side with a loss!!! high five to you on the big loss!!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I used to be a Weight Watchers meeting room leader, so I can encourage like nobody's business! 2+ lbs is a very successful week!

Praise and Coffee said...

Boy do I ever have days like that!! But great job with the weight loss, I'm trying hard too these days.


Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Good job, girl!