Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Slow Down and Drive!

So, yesterday morning I had a meeting at church. And, in a strange twist of fate, I left the house ON TIME!!! No rushing today! What a concept.

But, I guess taking the scenic route was not my brightest moment, it took a bit longer than I thought it would and suddenly I found myself running a bit behind. So I hurried it up a bit.

So as I am driving down the road in this:

(yep, it's still painted up for the adoption!)

I see this

(of course, it didn't look EXACTLY like this, seeing as how I don't live in Mayberry - or, ya know, 1955!!)
***I have been informed that this model is more in the mid 60's era. Shows ya what I know!!!***

passing by me in the opposite direction. I take the obligatory glance at my speed-o-meter and see (yikes)61mph!!! In a 45mph zone. Whew, good thing he was going the other way!

Apparently, they can radar you even then.

'Cause, as I looked into my rear view mirror I saw him making a u-turn. So much for being on time.

Now, let me say that I truly have the utmost respect for officers of the law. Truly. One of my best friends is a retired police woman. Retired due to an injury in which she jumped a wall in hot pursuit. A wall which was a lot steeper on the down side than it had been on the way up. HOWEVER, she continued the pursuit, caught the perp and took him in BEFORE addressing her injury. An injury to her knee which has required MANY surgeries since then. She is also married to a cop - a canine officer whose partner dog was killed last month in the line of duty. Plus, I have a cousin who is a police officer and HE was shot in the line of duty about 4 years ago. So, I am not kidding. I REALLY respect those who put it all on the line for our safety.

But, needless to say - even though I respected him - I was none to happy to see this guy.

He waltzes up to the car and peers into the back seat window where the girls are sitting playing in their car seats (this after I specifically told Sophie that now would be a really good time to start wailing!). He looks at me and asks if I know why he stopped me. I sheepishly said "I think I was goin' a little fast", to which he responds "yeah, a little".

I hand him my licence and as I am looking for the insurance and reg. he asks me "how's your driving record?" I say "actually, it's really good, I am just running late".
"For what?" he asks.
"A meeting at church" - again with the sheepishness.
He goes back to his car, does the computer thing and eventually comes back - where I am frantically trying to figure out how I am gonna explain to the Hubby why we suddenly have to pay for a ticket and driving classes! He hands me my licence and says "you're good to go" and walks away.

What? No ticket? Really? WooHoo!!!!

So I quickly started the car and sped away before he changed his mind. Yep, I sped away at the lightening speed of 44MPH. One under the limit, just to be safe!

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