Friday, July 11, 2008

Fitness On Friday - Not So Good

 Fitness on Friday

Originally all I was gonna say on this post was "Don't Ask!!!" However, since this is my accountability station, I feel it necessary to tell ya... I have gained a pound in the last two weeks. I know it does not seem like much, and considering that at this moment I could not even BEGIN to tell you where my food journal is, I am grateful for that! However, I am a little disappointed in myself. So I gotta use that to hop back on the wagon. Back into the game.

Big, gigantic weekend though - Birthday party, graduation party AND baby shower. YIKES! Pray for me to be strong. And to find my journal. And to be strong.

Did I mention I need strength?


4 of ya left some love:

Lorie said...

ppens don't beat yourself up. Get back on the bandwagon like you said. Good luck!

Lorie said...

life happens is what that is suppose to say, I don't know why it did that?

mom_of2boys said...

Good luck this weekend! Either eat a salad before you go or go for the veggies and'll do fine. Carry a bottle around with you too. If you get the urge to eat something, wait 5 minutes, asking yourself are you really hungry....drink water while you wait.

grace said...

be strong, be strong, we are with you