Friday, June 27, 2008

Two Steps Forward ...

... and, maybe, half a step back - but only temporarily!

This has been a HUGE week for our sweet Miss Hattie. She has had a couple of BIG breakthroughs. And I am one proud mama!

First of all, it seems the potty boot camp idea worked. She is doing great! After the initial roughness of Monday morning wore off and we discussed that there was NO going back to diapers, she has only had two accidents. She wore panties to therapy yesterday and even used a big public restroom - although initially freaked out by the auto-flush feature. It only took her till the second trip to figure out how it worked and then she decided it was fun to watch it flush on it's own. Kinda sick if you ask me, so we RUSHED to the auto sink and auto hand dryer. Luckily they were just as fun.

The whole thing is taking a slight toll on her behavior in therapy though - remember that this is why we had to stop before. She is on sensory overload and it is all just so very much to take in. However, because of the therapy, she is able to recover quicker than before. AND, Ms Jeannie - who ROCKS - is undaunted by the whole thing. She says keep up the potty thing, she can handle the meltdowns if she has to.
Thank You, Lord, for Ms Jeannie. She is SUCH a Blessing to us!

The other big breakthrough is this:
Last night Hattie had a nightmare. She woke up screaming in fear. I know that may not seem like a good thing - and, in itself it isn't. But the good thing is WHAT she woke up screaming.

"Mommy! Daddy! Help me MommyDaddy!!!!"

She did not resort to her rote panic speech where she says "open the door", "stuck", "let go", or "ayudame" (spanish for help me). She also did not call for Dora or Diego. This is HUGE. I cannot tell you how HUGE this is. She has always, in a panic situation, reverted to safe words. Words she does not have to think about and process before saying. She though about what she needed, WHO could help her, and she used the proper language. AND SHE WAS SLEEPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I get an AMEN on this one?

I am crying as I type this, it is that huge!

All I can say is THANK YOU LORD. Thank you Father God, for a glimpse of the girl that she will become through Your mercies and Grace. You are doing such a great work in her. Thank You for allowing me to be her Mommy and the one she calls to for safety. Now, let me help her learn to call to You.

7 of ya left some love:

Denise said...

Way to go with the tough week. Sounds like lots of fantastic breakthroughs!!!! Hattie is so blessed to have you as her mom!!


Friend said...

Oh Hattie is growing. Yes growing up but also just growing. God is bring her to break through. Glory to Glory! Praise God.. btw you have almost been bloggin for straight year! What a year of reflection on tears of joy and trimph and sometimes panic. All for his glory!

Rebekah said...

Your love for your daughter shines through your words. What a gift you are to each other! Praise God for breakthrough!

Aron, Erica, & Isabelle said...

i am crying with you (well, really hours later...but you know what I mean)!
Such a beautiful sound, those words! YOU are becoming her safe addition to speech/comprehension growth you are seeing!
love ya

Fran said...

Praising Him with you!!! I know those feelings and your heart just wants to leap right out of your body!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Big hugs~

Kelli said...

Oh yeah, now I'm crying too. Great progress!

Jenn said...

That is so awesome! I am very happy that she is making progress and you are her mom. What a wonderful gift she has having you for her mom! YAY for being in panties too- hint for automatic toilets: cover the sensor with your hand while she is on the toilet. Faith still freaks at the automatic toilets... I HATE those things!