Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crazy. Busy. Whoo!

This is VBS week. It is crazy. It is busy. It is constant go-go-go. But it is GOOD!!!

Hattie is finally able to participate. We registered er and I volunteered with the knowledge that we may not last the week. She has never been able to do anything like this before. It is constant transition and movement and following directions. None of her strong points!

Monday, she sprayed Lysol in her hair - homegirl has a thing for Lysol. Don't ask. I have absolutely NO idea! She had a pretty good meltdown about 3/4 of the way through and they had to find me. But, overall, pretty good.

Tuesday, she put soap in her hair (pattern anyone?). She had a minor meltdown, but by the time I got there she had rebounded and she finished the day just fine!

Wednesday, more soap in the hair (but just a little bit!). However, she went potty for them and NO MELTDOWNS!!! AND she did the art project! How cool is that?!?!?!

Thursday, she woke excited to go to church, but I can tell she is tired! No meltdowns - but no art project either. Nothing in the hair (til lunch - pizza at COSTCO before therapy!)!!! She was a bit grumpy at therapy, but no meltdowns there either.

Here is the challenge - I sing this week at church. Steve is not running sound on Sunday, but he has to do it for rehearsal tonight. Which means the girls have to go BACK to church tonight. And since I am also doing special music, we will be there a while. Therefor, late bed times all around. YIKES!! Two sleepy girls, late bedtimes and more VBS tomorrow!


Also, two wonderful women in my life - V & D - both are fighting cancer. Surgeries this week - V on Monday (stage 3) and D on Friday. I love these ladies. Please pray HARD!!!!

Cancer, it stinks! So not my friend! THAT is why I do the 3day. There is a link to my page on the side bar. I am trying to raise funds. Any help at all is GREAT!!

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