Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer? Anyone?

We had a brief, beautiful glimpse of it on Monday. 80 some degrees, sunshine, kids playing in sprinklers, lemonade stands (no kidding, and we stopped!!), flip flops, shorts .... ahhhh, it was sweet.

Did you catch that - WAS! Tuesday we put Hattie on the bus in 40 degrees chilliness! Today Hubby had to scrape ice of the windshield. Is it just me or is that just plain WRONG!?!?!?!?!

It is so strange to think of summer vacation being days away when I am still bundling my baby up to catch the bus every morning. Seriously, sweatshirts and jackets and mittens - it's that cold. 37 degrees this morning!!!! What is up with that? I am not even going to go into my "stupid Al Gore" speech.... global warming - psh! ... oh wait, I said I was NOT going to go there. Sorry.

Anyhoo, yesterday I was sick. Sick as a DOG. Hattie had a cough and a fever this morning (well - 99ish), so I kept her home today. I am still not feeling 100%, so chasing after a very active and NOT SICK four year old is! But, I love her so very much and really AM looking forward to the summer. Even if it never gets warm I will have my girlies all day long and we have us some plans!!! PLUS, sweet Miss Belle is going to be joining us a once or twice a week maybe and that will be FUN!!! That girl is a cutie - and a talker, so I am hoping that she will egg Hattie on. So excited about that! Plus, I happen to LOVE Belle's mommy and daddy and will get to see them a little more often, so YAY!

Today is my friend Laura's birthday - she lives under the heat lamp that we escaped from to come here to the land of 38 degrees AFTER Memorial Day!!! And, being the well organized and put together NON-procrastinator that I am (in my dreams!!!) I have not sent her card. it is sitting on the counter with the birthday cards for mom (Feb. 10), Savannah (Feb. 23) and Trinity (March 15). So, yeah ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Jamba anyone ... tell Jon it's ok. I will drive! Invite Mari Girl - she's Jamba-ing for two - and we'll have a girl's day out!

3 of ya left some love:

LParsons said...

I love this girl! She loves me even if I had a minor crash in front of Jamba juice... Jon said I could go by the way so get your tail down her. Or we could take the fly boat!

Jenn said...

Mari, Mari... two... ??? I haven't talked to her in FOREVER! Fill me in please! =)

Kate said...

I have been meaning to catch up for a while...woo busy busy!

My Monday was dreary, so I stayed in bed all day...all but a couple hours...had to do some quick shopping.

I know about that weather...I thought for sure it would snow here yesterday. AND WE HAD TORNADO''s totally not a Denver thing...near kansas sure, but never so close to home.

I love your new (at least new to me) look!!!! How did you do that?

Ciao for now.