Friday, April 18, 2008

Still Here!

Hi fRamily,
I have been a very bad blogger this week. Haven't posted since Monday. Bad me!
Truthfully it has been a pretty slow week - so I have not had much to report. Therefor, not much to blog either.
For those of you still reading, here are the highlights of the week (if you can call 'em that!)...
Tuesday Sophie woke up stuffy - AGAIN! This time it was a bit different though. She was MISERABLE!! By late morning she had green junkies coming out of her nose and was a grump. Now, Sophie is NEVER a grump, so I should've known. Around noon she began SCREAMING in what seemed to be pain. Of course this was just in time to reach the lunch hour recording at the pediatricians office!!!! I gave her some Tylenol and finally spoke to a nurse and had to take her in. Of course that would mean taking Hattie too (who panics if I slow down while passing the Dr. office parking lot!), but Mrs. Kathy stepped in and offered to watch Hattie for me - PRAISE GOD FOR GOOD FRIENDS!! By the time we got to the office, Sophie was not crying anymore. There must be some magic air in the pediatrician's offices, put there to make parents feel silly for panicking when, obviously, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with your child!!! They checked her over and found some pretty junky crud in her ear that was probably creating some pressure that was causing the pain. She HATED them digging it out, but was her old self again afterwards! So we got to play at Mrs. Kathy's house with our buddy Evy. They have a pretty cool backyard, so EVERYONE was happy! It has actually been pretty warm this week (up to about 70 yesterday!!!) so we have had LOTS of outside time this week!

Wednesday, I had to pick Hattie up at school because she didn't want to get on the bus and squirmed her way OUT of the CARSEAT!!! That girl is Houdini!!! I was pretty upset at first, but was able to have a good chat with her teacher. I have been feeling a LOT of pressure to decide RIGHT NOW weather or not to put the autism label on her, but we decided to finish this year and see where we are next fall. I feel so much better! She is doing well with her speech therapy and we are hoping that this will make a difference by next year. Please pray for that!
That is about all we got this week. Crazy interesting, I know!!! I have some pictures of Sophie's first time on the swing, but I am saving them for Picture Perfect Monday ('cause who knows when something MORE interesting will happen with a camera handy!!!)

Saturday we are taking Hattie for her first dentist appointment... this should be fun. NOT!!!! PLEASE pray for us all!!!! After that we have an appointment with our adoption caseworker. The county is dragging it's feet BIG TIME with this adoption thing - looks like Sophie will be VERY close to a year old - if not more - by the time it is all final! Pray for that too!
That's all we got! Blog at ya later!!!

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