Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No, really ... She's Sleeping!!!

OK, the following pictures are not for the faint of heart. They are quite graphic and, before you call the authorities on us to report any sort of abuse let me assure you that this is what the doctors instructed us to do ....

It seems as if our sweet Miss Sophie has very tiny nasal cavities. She has such a sweet button nose, so small and cute.... fun to look at but, as it seems, not so fun to breathe through!!! This is why she has been stuffy since birth!!! Now, to be fair, she has had a couple of colds but for the most part she is just plain stuffy. The weather changes and the rest of us may get a tiny bit nasal-ey, but for the S girl a tiny bit is all it takes!
So, the doctor told us to have her sleep in a car seat ... better than a swing because the seat is in the bed and it is only one step away from eventually sleeping in the bed. It will just take a few months they said ... they were probably not expecting our tiny 6lb, 11 oz darling to be a whopping 15lbs by 3 months!!!! So, we had been noticing that she was getting a bit big for the seat and were thinking that by Christmas we would have to come up with something new ... Christmas may be coming early!!!! This is what we found this morning ...

Now, I promise you that she was indeed sleeping... I took these pics - flash and all - and moved her to a better position and she didn't wake up. Ahhh, it must be nice!!!!!

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