Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas & More ...

Oh boy, it has been a while and I have a lot to share, but I will try to keep it short ...

Here is the last 10 days in 10 short (hah! Have you met me?!?!) points:
1.I told ya about Steven's broken leg - it's still broken! I showed you a picture of him asleep with Hattie lying next to him, but I didn't show ya this ... yet

2.The snow I showed ya just kept on coming, Hattie had her first snow day and got to stay home from school. She was NOT excited (although she did love the snow!!) It was WICKED cold and we couldn't go out in it for a few days though.

3.Right after Steven left, my Mommy & Daddy came for a visit. My Mom flew, my Dad came by train then by bus (yes, usually they travel together but my dad was visiting my other sisters and had more time so he took the scenic route!!).

4.The local bus terminal is hard to find. The local Amtrak station (where for some reason the bus dropped him off) even harder and in a VERY interesting part of town!!!

5.The sun finally came out and Hattie got to don her snow suit and have some fun!!!

6.Hattie LOVES to make snow angels, in fact when our yard was full, she started on the neighbors yard!!!

7.My husband is amazing and we actually got to have a date on Saturday - we went Christmas shopping - may not sound that exciting but we were alone and had a lot of time to chat!!! This was after he put up the stable and lights for our yard Nativity.

8.My Daddy loves his grandbabies!!

9.When the sun came out it REALLY come out!! Our poor snowman who looked like this in the morning ...

(no laughing - it was the first snowman I had ever made!!!)
...looked like a shrunken head by evening and was gone by morning, but that's ok, it snowed again on Monday and I got my White Christmas!!!

10.Christmas was WONDERFUL!!! I was Blessed to have my family around - that includes Hubby's family! - and that is more than enough. Santa was very good to us - and that is only because God has been VERY good to us! We have all we could ever ask for and more! Sophie and Hattie looked like angels on Christmas Eve - and Sophie for one KNEW IT!!!

(Hattie wouldn't let me take her pic, you will just have to trust me that she looked GOOD!) And the Grandma's got their quality time in with the girl on Christmas morning

But of course the biggest Blessing of all is the Reason for the Season - the One who came to go the distance. The reason we HAVE, the One who GAVE it all.... Jesus.
The sweet baby in the manger - he left a throne for a stable, left the side of his Father for the arms of a teenage girl, left the clouds to walk on soil. It was a choice He made knowingly and willingly - and He made it with me in mind ... He made it with YOU in mind too. I hope that you know that and accept that and BELIEVE that!! So, now that the rush and excitement is over, sit back relax and take time to hear the Angles sing ... they ARE still singing ya know. That song - it's for you!!!!!

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Kate said...

haa haa haa love the snowman.

Glad your Christmas was great.

Just stopping by to say Merry Christmas.