Friday, September 14, 2007

Big Sister AND Guardian!!!

So, we were all concerned that Hattie was not going to bond with her little sister ... Well, she still won't touch her or get too close, but she also won't let us get too far without our Sophie! We have had to make a couple of outings and Hattie was sure not to leave her sis behind. Hattie likes to push the garage door button, so I set Sophie down so I could lift Hattie up to push it - but I set her down INSIDE the house and H thought that was where I was gonna leave her and she would not touch the button till Sophie was safe in the garage with all us (granted the door into the house was still open and Sophie was just inside the door, but that was NOT good enough for her protector!!!). Then, at the store I had to put Sophie in the cart before Hattie would get in and had to put Sophie back in the CAR before Hattie would get in! I love that!!! Does my heart good to see her loving her sis!!!

As for the reason for the shopping trip - prune juice. Yep, the doc had me start giving Sophie a 1/2 tsp of the stuff once a day 'cause she was a bit backed up ... well, it worked. I know a little TMI, but there is more to the story that I need to tell cause I need prayer!!! Seems prune juice also gives ya a bit of the cramps - at least that is what we are thinking it is - and Sophie is AGAIN not sleeping well at night. Again today she fell asleep as Hattie was waking up!!! PLEASE keep us in prayer as we figure out how to help our girl. It is SO hard to see her in misery!

On a good note, Sophie started her very first Bible Study yesterday!!! We are doing a Beth Moore Study (who I am convinced is one of my very best friends, I just don't know her yet!!) and Sophie went with me!!! What a testimony for someday!!!!

Blog at ya soon!!!

2 of ya left some love:

Marla said...

Becky it's your sister. We had bathroom problems with Duncan. Our hospital recommended apple juice which is a little milder. We did eventually have to go to prune juice and then suppositories but it will straighten out. Hattie may be reacting to the baby the way she is because you have fostered and those children went away. She may think the same will happen with Sophie. Sleep when you can no matter when that is. Did you get the giftcard? I know you are busy but I sent it through the internet & just wanted to make sure it got there.

Jenn said...

Beck- I never got the picture yesterday! Are you coming out this year for Race for the Cure?