Monday, July 2, 2007

Guess what.....

OK, so two posts in one day.... whatever could that mean? Well, we are being cautiously excited but we got a call today that a birthmom has picked us for her child. She is carrying twins, but as of now is thinking that she wants to parent one of them herself and make an adoption plan for the other. However, she did want a family that would be willing to parent both of them just in case.... and that is US!!!!!!!!
We will be meeting her on Monday afternoon, so we will know more after that! Will try to keep you all up to date! Two girls, due Sept. 28 .... WOW and AMEN!!
Keep us - and Kim (the birthmom) and the babies - in your prayers!
I am going to bed now - 10:50PM..... had a very big day and am a bit whooped!!

2 of ya left some love:

Jenn said...

Holy heck- 2 girls, more girls?? Did you see Morgan asked for a cell phone? She friggin cracks me up- this coming from the child who "was" afraid of phones. This is what you'll have to look forward to triple that though! :) So worth every moment of it though! (Stac didn't know she asked me for the phone, I told him he better tell her no if she asks him- he said he would!) Thank goodness we are on the same page-

Maggie said...

That is an AMEN! I'm so excited for you. Wow! :)

Luv ya!